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“The clip is inspired by the legend of Resurrection Mary, who was hit by a car and left to die after a long night of dancing at a ballroom in Illinois. Now her spirit returns to solicit rides from lone men driving past the intersection where she died. The song is off their forthcoming LP, Not Ok with Things.”

-Resident Advisor

“pulsating works of minimalist electronic music that hit on hard subjects, but in a way that feels like finding your way out of the dark hole of your own making.”

-Complex Distractions

“industrial-tinged blend of synth pop topped with a chill-as-hell vocal on their new song "Stranger's Mouth,”

-Revolver Mag

“Dark, hard hitting, and a touch poppy, they’re like a warehouse party in that it’s grimy but inviting and uniting.  In pitch black, discrimination isn’t allowed, only dance.”

-SXSW Music Preview 2019

“You know those scenes in horror films where, for one freakish beat, the person’s reflection in the mirror doesn’t match what they’re actually doing? Grün Wasser make music for those moments.”

-The Stranger

"Grün Wasser combine rich vocals and dark beats into heady industrial pop"

-Chicago Reader

“evocative of Liquid Sky mixed with Blade Runner – imagine a physical merging of Pris’ basic pleasure model with Zhora’s kick murder squad lethality if portrayed by Siouxsie Sioux”…”not dissimilar to the otherworldly audio surrealism of The Knife crossed with Laurie Anderson”

-ReGen Magazine

“Out to Lunch” is an ode, or an elegy, to disillusionment and betrayal. It makes Chicago, in all its cold, opaque grandeur, look alien and dangerous, but it also takes pride in the city.”


“ghostly vocals to cold icy industrial sounds”…“part aggressive, past nihilistic and terribly anguished”

-Rock NYC

“pseudo-erotic interpretive dance performance set to music that recalled a clubby version of Kraftwerk/Bjork”

-Sound Blab

"beguiling industrial dance a la the Knife"

-Chicago Reader